Issues with main backhaul link effecting whole G.R.I.P. Network.

6 months ago the radios that operate the main backhaul link for the network (connecting the G.R.I.P. Network to the mainland) where upgraded. All my testing, the radio's specs, and my simulations showed that these new radios should have no problem with the heavy rain we get at this time of year. Unfortunately the real world has a tendency to act differently then all expectations and the radios are having continuing trouble during heavy rainfall.

This is causing intermittent problems as the rain induced signal loss dips below the minimum signal level. I have in the last week moved to an antenna with more gain at Lions Bay, upgrade firmware, and changed settings on the radios in an attempt to eliminate the problems, but have only succeeded in slightly reducing the frequency of the outages.

I am now working on replacing the equipment entirely, moving away from this radio/frequency combo that has proven to be problematic for us. I will be hiking up the main tower tomorrow and climbing it to replace the equipment on that side after replacing the Lions Bay side earlier in the day. If the weather holds as it is now I should have the network switched over by Monday.

- Sean

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