Call for volunteers & Notice of maintenance outage

Next weekend, the 30th and 31st of May, I will be taking the main tower down at Hope Point to do upgrading work.

***This means that from mid-day on the 30th till late afternoon on the 31st the network will be down!***

During this time I will be:

- Replacing the main backhaul radio and antenna
- Replacing RF cables on all antennas to reduce signal attenuation through cable-loss
- Replacing electrical wiring to the wind generator
- Setting up a new tower climb system to aid future work without taking the tower down.
- several smaller wiring/charging system tweaks

In order to take the tower down on the 30th, and bring it back up on the 31st I need a crew of 6 people to assist. Right now I have two (including myself). The work itself is fairly light, but the trip up to the top is a steep hike over some rough/lose terrain! The hike covers 260m altitude gain in 1.5km distance, 1/3 of that away from established trails/roads.

Please contact me as soon as possible if you are able to assist this weekend, even if only for one of the two days!


- Sean

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