One thousand, one hundred, forty eight pounds of batteries moved!

Due to the wind-power issues at the main tower over the last three winters, and despite my 150+ hikes up the ridge with fuel to keep things going the battery bank had been damaged beyond recovery. So this week I, with a helper, hiked up 488 lb of new batteries and luged down 660 lb of old, dead & near-dead batteries.

The old battery bank consisted of 4 225ah 12volt gel SLA batteries in a 24v array. Each weighing 165lb.

The new battery bank uses 8 225ah, 6volt flooded "golf cart" batteries in a 24v array. Each weighing 61lb.

This was a lot of work moving these batteries over the rough terrain at the top of the ridge *by hand*. Once the other upgrades are complete this will give the next winter a healthy battery bank to keep toped up.

- Sean

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