Continued issues for whole G.R.I.P. Network

The issues with the main backhaul link have continued to be a problem and is causing much frustration for all G.R.I.P. Members.

I have in the last week been up and down the ridge to the tower 9 times and to lion's bay 2 times trying to find a solution, including many settings changes, replacing the radios on the link and even having boats re-arranged in Lions Bay Marina to eliminate multipath interference.

I have a few more tricks to try this week and will be doing everything I can to improve the situation.

In addition the upgrade to the main tower mentioned in the last post is also moving ahead as fast as I can make it happen. Equipment is on the way to me and I have done quite a bit of re-wiring prep at the tower up the ridge.

Please be patient as I work to resolve this issue. I assure you I am working on it!


- Sean

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