Main Backhaul Interruptions

Over the last month or so I have been seeing increasing interference on the main backhaul link to the mainland at the Lions bay end. This has resulted in short interruptions that have increased until there are sometimes several a day at this point.

In the short term I will be forcing lower data rates over the link and may try alternate radios to try and get better noise immunity. These measures though are not expected to entirely solve the issue so I will be speeding up a planed upgrade of that link.

In the first half of next month I will be taking down the tower and doing several jobs - one of those will be to replace the backhaul antenna and radio with new units that are both higher-power and in a different frequency range. This should eliminate the interference from the new source in the Lions Bay area that is causing these issues.

At that time I will need 6 volunteers to help with bring the tower down, and back up again. If you are able to help please give me a call or email!


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