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West-Bay backhaul info - Solved!

Over the winter there has been an intermittent problem of slowly degrading throughput with the overland center-bay to west-bay that could be described as a Heisenbug.* At long I have been able to fix the issue and throughput over the fiber link has been stable over the last week and a half. This should solve the very-slow or inaccessible load time issues that have been occurring for those who connect via the West Bay or Camelo Point stations.

- Sean

Speed-limiting on main backhaul link.

** Update: I have already moved from slow to medium speed on the link after about 12 hours. Things are looking good at the medium speed and I will watch that for a while before moving up to the next notch. **

As part of the repair of the antenna at Lions Bay the radio that provides the connection to gambier from the mainland was replaced with a new unit. I am now finding some occasional link instability resulting from that radio being a bit too aggressive with it's auto rate switching. To alleviate this issue I have switched to fixed rate operation.

Tower work today - w/ maintenance outage

I never did hear from anyone willing to help me so the necessary work on the tower did not happen last week. I have now managed to conscripted a family member to help and am heading up to the tower today. This means that this afternoon there will be several short outages this afternoon as work is performed. Please give me a call if you have any questions.

- Sean

A Call for Help

I am looking for a volunteer to help me with some work on the Hope Point Tower for a day this week.

As part of my ongoing efforts to implement a new network segment on the Hope Point tower (the 900mhz segment) I need to climb the tower and replace an antenna. In order to climb the tower I need a second person to help with the lines and for general safety.

Lions Bay Repaired, back in operation

So the 90km/h gusts this morning did indeed cause the problems the G.R.I.P. Network experienced today. It seems that the mounts into the side of the building had been weakened by the ice-fall incident earlier in the year, and the strong gusts today then was able to pry the mounts right out of the wall of the building.

I have now constructed a new mount with tougher expanding shield lag bolts and have re-attached and aimed the antenna/radio. The G.R.I.P. Network is back up and running.

- Sean

Wind damage in Lions Bay, G.R.I.P. Network down

It seems that this morning's wind storm has damaged the main antenna at Lions Bay. As a result the G.R.I.P. Network is down until I am able to repair the damage. I am on my way now to assess the damage do any necessary work to get the network back up. If you have any questions give me a call on my cell phone.

- Sean

Short maintenance outage today

I am taking advantage of the relatively good weather to hike up to the tower and do some maintenance. The G.R.I.P. Network will be down for a short time later this afternoon while I do that work.

If you have any questions please let me know.

- Sean

Antenna replacement for Lions Bay

The replacement for the damaged antenna has arrived and I will be installing it tomorrow (thursday the 28th) in the afternoon. This will cut service to the G.R.I.P. network for an hour or two while the work is being performed.

Contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

- Sean

Outage over the weekend of Jan 10th

Mid way through Saturday the main antenna at the gateway in Lions Bay was damaged. A large slab of ice slid off the roof of the building the antenna is mounted on and snapped it in half! Amazingly the damaged antenna was able to provide some service off and on (mostly off) on sunday.

After Assessing the damage Saturday night I was able to replace the antenna and radio late Sunday. The link is now operational again.

I will be ordering in another antenna and will be doing a more permanent fix once that arrives. At that time I will post here to let you know of expected time period.

West Bay & Carmelo restored

BC Hydro was able to get a crew over early in the first week of the new year. They where able to fix both the West Bay Road (Carmelo Point) outage, and the outage at Lipton Landing. Since that time the G.R.I.P. Network has also been fully up running.

- Sean

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