Another power update

Well it looks like I spoke a bit too soon! - Shortly after yesterday's post a nice big wind blew through and cut power to portions of West Bay Landing. This means that the area without G.R.I.P. service has expanded slightly to include those who connect via the Carmelo Point station. Again Hydro has been informed of the outage. Their crews are handling quite a few outages right now so I would not be surprised if it takes a couple days to restore service.

- Sean

Power updates

Since my last post power has been up and down several times to different parts of the island as well as a couple outages in Lions Bay. At this point power has been restored to all areas *except* one isolated downed line in the West Bay Landing area.

BC Hydro is aware of the outage but until they are able to do the repair most G.R.I.P. Members in the West Bay Landing community will be without connectivity.

Power out on Gambier island

After a couple days of between 40 and 60 knots out of the north power has finally failed on at least parts of Gambier. As a result, those who connect via the Center Bay, West Bay Landing, or Carmelo Point network segments will be unable to get online until power is restored.

As the main tower at Hope Point is self powered, users who connect directly to that station will still be able to get online, so long as power remains in Lions Bay and you are able to run your receiver/computer!

G.R.I.P. now able to accept Credit Cards!

Over the summer I went through the protracted process of getting set up to accept credit cards. The paperwork is finally done and from here on G.R.I.P. Network members will be able to pay their bills via CC.

Even better though, G.R.I.P. is now able to set up automated recurring billing of your credit card. This means that we can set up a payment schedule and future invoicing/payment will automatically occur without the need to do anything on your end!

Work on the Main Tower on Dec 10th through 12th.

Starting today through Friday I have a few changes I will be making at the main tower. Weather allowing I will be replacing the main client radio with one that supports 900mhz as well as the existing 2.4ghz segment, and that is slightly better at dealing with congestion.

New gateway connection for the G.R.I.P. Network!

For the past couple months I have been working to get an upgraded gateway connection for the G.R.I.P. Network in Lions Bay - that finally has happened and on monday the telco techs installed the dedicated line for that connection and made it live. The new new connection has three advantages:

  • Faster! The new connection is 25% faster then the existing link. This will allow better spreading of the bandwidth in congested times.

Fall News Catchup

I have not posted a news entry in a while so I have a few things to catch up on.

West Bay Landing Link update

Last week I was able to resolve the issue that West Bay was having. One of the endpoints of the overland fiber-optic cable was mounted to the base of a fallen tree. Turns out that the top of that tree, laying against the slope, rotted JUST enough that during the storm it broke off from the lower trunk - once that happened the rootball had enough weight that the fallen tree stood back up!

Of course this caused some problems for the equipment attached to the trunk. I have repaired the damage now though and things are back to operating as they should be.

Maintenance Outage planed for this afternoon

I will be swapping out a part at the main tower this afternoon as part of preparing the system for winter. In order to do this I will need to power down the station for a short time.

Let me know if you have any questions!


West Bay Landing link issues.

Over the past couple weeks there has been an intermittent packet loss issue with the overland link from Center Bay to West Bay. The effect of this problem is that sites are very slow to load or inaccessible much of the time. I have been and still am working to try to solve the problem and will update the blog again once I have more information.

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