About the Gambier Radio Internet Project

The Gambier Radio Internet Project is an at-cost community project created to provide High Speed internet access to Gambier Island, British Columbia, Canada. G.R.I.P. is headed by Sean Murphy of Lot-23 in Centre Bay.

How It Works

G.R.I.P. uses Radio Frequency based Wireless links to bring high-speed connectivity onto the island with several strategically placed repeater stations to extend the network coverage deeper into the three main bays.

For members, a small receiver unit is all that is needed to access the network. These receivers have the necessary antennas and other equipment all built into one 1ft square box 3 inches thick and provide the same type of standard connection (Ethernet) that high-speed Cable or DSL internet on the mainland provides!

In addition to standard 120volt AC power provided by BC Hydro, the receivers will operate directly off of 12volt, 24volt, and 48volt solar and/or wind based systems drawing only 3 to 5 watts.

Membership Information

G.R.I.P. is a run as an at-cost provider. All proceeds are directly invested into the network to cover costs and improve services.

There are two types of G.R.I.P. Memberships, Full Time and Seasonal. Neither membership type has any time restrictions or "hours" to run out of!

Full Time Membership

A Full Time membership gives you access at all times of the year and is the least expensive on a per-month basis at $50/month ($600/year) plus an initial setup fee.

Seasonal Membership

A Seasonal membership gives you the same level of access as a full time membership but for 3 to 6 months rather then all year round. A seasonal membership can be at any time of year, the typical example being through summer but can just as easily be through the winter months. A Seasonal membership is $70/month ($210-$420 total) plus an initial setup fee for the first period of membership, additional Seasonal memberships will only require a $50 re-connect fee.

About Setup Fees

Setup fees are necessary to cover the cost of the equipment being installed at your location. The standard setup fee is $250. A few people may find that their specific location make for a more challenging install, in these cases there may be a slightly higher setup fee to cover more specialized equipment. We will provide estimates before any install.

Contact Us

If your interested in signing up, or just have a question, please drop us a line via E-Mail or give Sean a call at 604-323-3319

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